It was based upon the famous Dudley Masonic "Emblem" pocket watch of the 1920's, and was featured in several issues of the "Pennsylvania FREEMASON" Magazine and "Knight Templar" Magazines.

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This sold out timepiece was a numbered, limited edition of only 2,500 timepieces. Those who acquired “The MASONIC” now own something extraordinary and highly sought after by collectors.

A classic timepiece, finely crafted in a 40mm solid stainless steel case, gold plated Masonic symbols and an individually numbered exhibition case back, displaying a modern 17 jewel auto-mechanical movement. Presented on a padded, embossed leather strap and delivered in a deluxe presentation case.

A wristwatch by a Mason, for a Mason …like no other.



22 Comments/Reviews

  • Bro. Earl Jones says:
    5 stars

    “Simply put- It is a Masonic treasure!”

  • R.:W.: Alan S. Rosenthal P.D.D.G.M. says:
    5 stars

    The Masonic is Stellar!!!!!! Truly a wonderful piece of artisanship! I love mine!!!!!!!

  • Shane F Connor PMWM says:

    The masonic watch I purchased from Barclay Watch is one of my favorite items in my vast masonic collection. I wear this watch as much as possible and get amazing comments on it! Great job and cant wait to own another Barclay watch!

  • Wayne A. Means says:

    The watch is beautiful. Very unique. I am proud to own one. Every brother Mason should have the honor to own one.

  • Brooks Breakey, P.M. says:
    5 stars

    Whenever I wear my watch out in public I usually get asked about it
    and its unique design. I try to tell them a little of its history.
    During our talk I will try to answer their questions about “Masonry.” It is
    a good ice breaker about us, even if the ice is not very thin.

  • Bro. Brian Evichin says:
    5 stars

    Beautiful Work Brother! I have “The Masonic” and absolutely love it.

  • John Colaianne, PM Verona Lodge No. 548 F&AM says:
    5 stars

    When I wear my Masonic watch, I feel like a million bucks. It makes me proud to be a Mason. It is always a conversation piece that leads to many questions about our fraternity and the good works that we do. Not to mention the opportunity to invite a friend to join the fraternity. I have actually purchased two of the watches, one to wear to show my Masonic Pride and the other as a keepsake which I know will continue to grow in value through the years. It was an excellent investment and wonderful time piece.

  • Hans says:
    5 stars

    Truly a beautiful time piece with a unique dial and high quality finishing !!!

  • Brother William Harrison says:
    5 stars

    I am a watch fanatic and the Barclay Masonic Watch far exceded my expectations on quality. This watch is on par with watches I have paid thousands for. I look forward to your release of watches for other houses of the order.

    William E. Harrison 33rd PHA

  • KENT JORDAN says:


  • jamie h crabtree says:

    just received my watch..if it holds up as good as it looks it will be around for a while..great work and great price…thx brother…Bro Crab

  • Ellis Tinsley says:
    5 stars

    If you are a Mason looking for a quality timepiece to treasure for years to come, as well as turn the heads of your fellow brethen, this is it!

    The pictures I have found online truly do not capture just how magnificent this time piece is. I highly recommend purchasing this watch. My order was delivered within a week by USPS and in perfect condition.

  • WM Henry Taylor says:
    5 stars

    Just received my watch and the pictures and reviews cannot do this treasure justice. Showed it to a few of my brethren and they were so breath taken by its design.

    This is truly a work of art and a timepiece any Masonic brother will be privileged to have.

  • ken stracker says:
    5 stars

    dear brother I received my watch today it is great do you think you will make a pocket watch like the one made in the 1920s

    thanks brother ken stracker prospect 24

  • Rusty Harbert says:

    Just received the Masonic and the Shriner. Great looking, fine time pieces

  • Steven Twigg says:
    5 stars

    I just got mine!!! “Simply Stunning” are the only words that are coming to me. This watch really stands out among my collection!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Bought one of these for my man (who is a mason) for Valentines day and he was the happiest person ever! I almost thought he was in shock! It is a beautiful time piece and it is treasured. So glad I chose this for him! He is still showing it off to everyone! If you’re considering buying it, DO IT! You won’t regret it, I promise!

  • Anthony M says:
    5 stars

    The pictures of this beautiful timepiece give it no justice. The attention to detail and quality far exceeded my expectations! How on earth have they NOT sold out of these watches yet???? Glad I had the change to get one. Thank You!

  • Bro. Anthony M. says:

    Do not miss out on this watch! It’s quality and beauty has far exceeded my expectations. This is a must have for any member of the craft. It also helps fund the craft with part of the donations going to charity. It is a win win, and you will own something breathtaking to hand down for generations. Mr. Barclay’s hard work pays off in every little detail.

  • Mike B says:
    5 stars

    I just received my watch and must have stared at for a half hour before I could put it down. It’s the first mechanical watch I’ve ever owned and its absolutely beautiful! I’m torn between wearing it everywhere I go and never taking it out of the box!

  • Rob says:
    5 stars

    My wife bought The Masonic for my birthday. Just received it yesterday (three days after the order). It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for a great watch!

  • William F Cornell says:

    ~Produce this product in a Past Masters version.PLEASE!!!

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